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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Treo 650 as computer

I've been using my new Treo 650 now for about 6 weeks. I use to it keep up with my email, and of course it makes for a pretty nice phone.

I think of most critical importance is that this device is a computer first and foremost. It runs the PalmOS and this means that I can customize it with any Palm compatible software I need.

For example, the email app I use is an add-on called Snapper Mail ( Since I am out of my office most of the time, I need to be kept up to date, and Snapper Mail can be programmed to turn on every little while and fetch my email from a POP server (it also works with IMAP).

The Treo has this great feature I don't see on many phones. A silencer switch. You can just shut off the speaker. It NEVER makes a sound, and when email arrives or I get a phone call, it will vibrate.


-Carl Gundel


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