Treo Daily

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Media machine

Well, I must admit that while I didn't buy the Treo 650 for its camera, it does a handy job of taking pictures. It does this better than the Treo 600, which has terrible low light sensitivity.

Almost more fun than taking stills, it takes passable videos. They're just 320x240 and only 15 frames per second, but I think they'll look fine as part of a media collage. At least I don't need to carry my Panasonic DVR everywhere (not that it is anywhere near as good). ;-)

I'll post about this later when I have a chance to try putting them into an iMovie.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Treo 650 as computer

I've been using my new Treo 650 now for about 6 weeks. I use to it keep up with my email, and of course it makes for a pretty nice phone.

I think of most critical importance is that this device is a computer first and foremost. It runs the PalmOS and this means that I can customize it with any Palm compatible software I need.

For example, the email app I use is an add-on called Snapper Mail ( Since I am out of my office most of the time, I need to be kept up to date, and Snapper Mail can be programmed to turn on every little while and fetch my email from a POP server (it also works with IMAP).

The Treo has this great feature I don't see on many phones. A silencer switch. You can just shut off the speaker. It NEVER makes a sound, and when email arrives or I get a phone call, it will vibrate.


-Carl Gundel

Sunday, November 21, 2004


Hi to all! This is the first posting to this blog about my experience using Treo smartphones!

I used a Treo 300 phone last year and upgrade to a Treo 600, both under Sprint service. Now I am waiting for my Treo 650 to arrive by UPS.

Since I use my Treo to run my software business (, I will have a lot to say about how it works for me. I hope that others using or considering the use of a Treo will benefit from my thoughts and experience reports!